History of Klaipeda Water -Supply System


Joint-stock company’s “Klaipėdos Vanduo” main goal is reliable water supply to customers. Their goal is quality that fully complies with the Lithuanian hygiene standard HN 24:2003, "Drinking water safety and quality requirements”. Klaipėdos Vanduo also works treating wastewater to meet environmental regulations, in order to manage and provide high quality services that satisfy customer needs.

The company's history began in 1902 when a Lithuanian newspaper “Lietuviška Ceitunga" published an article entitled “City Festival“. The article spread the news that the inauguration of water supply was coming.

At that time, a place in Liepų Street was selected for the water supply company. It was located near the gas plant and built in the middle of nineteenth century. In this way, the city zone of public utilities continued to expand. The water supply complex consisted of a water-tower, pumping, aeration and filter buildings, and a transformer station. In particular, the unique water-tower became a highlight of the northern part of the city.

In the 19th century, in the old town of Klaipėda, water from wells was quite bad. The Head doctor of the city F. J. Morgen wrote in his book, "Local people take water from public wells, but there are only a few, which are properly installed. The water from the river is unsuitable for human consumption, because the winds mix Danė’s water with sea water." With help from state funds in 1876-1877 a borehole was drilled near Klaipėda, in Purmalių village. Previous results from a borehole water analysis gave hope that good water could be found in Klaipėda. After long negotiations with the authorities, in 1898 what is now Liepų Street in Klaipėda, became the location of a new water borehole. However, it was not a water supply company yet, that required different constructions and mechanisms. Eventually, Klaipėda water tower and water distribution system were both laid down in 1901, and a year later, on August 2nd, Klaipėdos Vanduo was solemnly inaugurated.

Today joint stock Company - Klaipėdos Vanduo takes care of water production, cleaning, and supply to citizens of Klaipėda.

  • Citizens and companies of Klaipėda, Gargždai and Priekulė receive drinking water from the water services run by Klaipėdos Vanduo. The 1st water service plant is for the northern part of Klaipėda, while the 3rd water service plant is for the Southern part. Šiaulių district is supplied by it’s own local water plant. However, in the future this district will be connected to a centralized urban water supply system. The City of Gargždai receives water from a watering plant, located in Laugaliai, but in September of 2009, the company also began to operate the Priekulė urban water management sector.
  • For the pumping of sewage, 28 sewage pumping stations are operated in Klaipėda, five in Gargždai and nine in Priekulė .
  • Dumpiai, in sewage treatment plant riot in 2009 cleaned 17.5 mln.m3 water for Klaipėda city.
  • At the end of 2009, the company owned water networks that measured 426 km. Of these, 367.8 km are located in Klaipeda, 46.5 km  in Gargždai, and 11.4 km in Priekulė.
  • At the end of 2009, 432.3 km of sewage network belonged to the company.
  • Over the course of a year, Klaipedos Vanduo provides about 11 million. Cc. feet of water to its customers.
  • By the end of  2009 Klaipėdos Vanduo served roughly 82,755 of its subscribers.
  • At the end of 2009 the company included 386 employees, of which 160 were experts and 226 were workers.

Klaipėdos Vanduo organization is divided into seven departments:

  • The Law and Human Resources Department: represents the company in law enforcement and in other institutions, as well as developing and implementing the company's staff policies to ensure the safety and health of its employees.
  • The Networking Department: prepares and issues specifications for new users wanting to connect to centralized urban water supply and sewerage networks. They also ensure completeness of build objects and  issue certificates of adoption for using them. They carry out sewage networks functions such as; accident liquidation, maintenance, and repairs. They look for hidden water leaks and performs diagnostics of sewage networks as well as perform network flaw detection, building repairs, maintenance of construction facilities, and overall water management supervision of the city of Gargždai.
  • The Preparation of Water Department: produces, enhances and delivers drinking water from water facilities in Klaipėda, ensuring drinking water quality control.
  • The Wastewater Department: provides sewage collection in sewage pumping stations and cleaning for set requirements. They also control sewage pollution in the centralized sewage networks.
  • The Department of Finance: carries out corporate tax and financial records corresponding to Lithuanian laws and other legal requirements, in the preparation of the company's business plans.
  • The Sales Department: concludes contracts with customers, recovers debts, and operates and installs water meters.
  • The Department of Economy: maintains the company's electrical facilities, by use of thermal energy. These include maintaining the company’s information, automatic control, communications, and security systems functionality, as well as operating all the devices and performing all the control and measuring equipment metrological supervision.
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