Today, the mission of the Joint Stock Company Klaipėdos Vanduo is to supply drinking water to the residents and companies of Klaipėda City and District and to collect and treat wastewater.

We have 52 wellfields in total. The First and Third  wellfields are located in Klaipėda City, while the remaining 50 wellfields of drinking water are situated in Klaipėda district. We supply 11 million cubic meters of drinking water per year in average.

The total length of the Klaipėda City and District Water Supply Network is around 870 km. Nearly all city water-supply lines are connected into a ring network suitable for fire extinction and for uninterruptible water supply to the consumers. The sewerage network of the city is dedicated for collection of home and industrial waste water. The network consists of 745 km of sewerage pipelines in Klaipeda City and Klaipeda district.

The sewerage pipelines are built from ceramic, reinforced concrete, asbestos-cement, polyethylene, PVC, wrought cast-iron, steel and other types of pipes. At present Joint-stock company’s “Klaipėdos Vanduo” operates 105 wastewater pump stations. All of which are automated and controlled from the panel located at the main pumping station.

We treat around 15 million cubic meters of wastewater each year. The majority of the collected wastewater, i.e. approx 90%, gets treated at the Dumpiai Wastewater Treatment Plant while other wastewater is treated in 14 smaller wastewater treatment plants scattered around Klaipėda District. The Dumpiai Wastewater Treatment Plant collects wastewater from Klaipėda, Priekulė, Gargždai, Jakai, Ginduliai, Slengiai, Karklė, Agluonėnai and Dovilai.

The number of our clients keeps increasing. By the end of 2017, we had 92,559 clients.

The company employs 376 employees, including 183 highly qualified specialists and administrative employees and 193 technicians.

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