Management Structure

Management Structure

The Joint Stock Company Klaipėdos Vanduo has the following organizational structure:


Main duties and responsibilities: ensuring that the IT, automatic control, communications and security systems are in good working order, handling the electric power and heat supply, transportation and materials, managing water preparation and supply systems, wastewater collection and transportation systems and treatment facilities, metrological supervision of control and measurement devices, planning the maintenance and repair of equipment, water supply and wastewater pipes.


Main duties and responsibilities:

  • Ensuring the extraction and supply of potable water to the end users through the pipelines, the compliance of water quality to the hygiene requirements and drinking water quality control during the technological process.
  • Potable Water Research Laboratory carries out physical, chemical and microbiological tests on drinking, surface and bore water.


Main duties and responsibilities:

  • Ensuring high quality wastewater treatment in compliance with the requirements applicable in the plant, controlling the pollution level of wastewater flowing into the centralized wastewater networks and the wastewater treatment plant or discharged after the treatment.
  • Wastewater Research Laboratory carries out wastewater, surface water, groundwater, sludge and sediment tests.


Main duties and responsibilities: exploitation and maintenance of drinking water networks, repairing water supply pipelines and eliminating breakdowns, ensuring proper wastewater collection in wastewater pump stations and their transportation to wastewater treatment plants, technical maintenance and repair of wastewater pipelines and elimination of breakdowns, wastewater network diagnostics and detection of defects.


Main duties and responsibilities: preparation of the technical policy for water supply and wastewater network and equipment development, collecting information on network and equipment functioning and status based on monitoring data, acting as the client (contracting organization) when planning the construction, development, reconstruction or major repairs of buildings and structures owned by the company as set forth in the applicable laws.


Main duties and responsibilities: signing contracts with clients, accounting and control of water supply, wastewater handling and other services rendered by the company, invoicing clients and users for provided services, recovering debts, exploitation and installation of water meters.


Main duties and responsibilities: handling the accounting, preparing tax returns and financial reports in compliance with the laws and other legal norms of the Republic of Lithuania, preparing operational plans, planning and handling public procurements.


Main duties and responsibilities: representing the company in law enforcement and other institutions, shaping and implementing the company’s HR policy, supervising and ensuring occupational safety and health; planning the maintenance, supervision and security of buildings, facilities and areas allocated to this department.

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